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James and Jessica

Jessica & James

Hi there, my name is James. My wife Jessica and I run Online Casino Game. We started this site in 2009 to share our online casino experience with other people who want to play casino games online but don't really know where to start or those who have played before but are looking for a new, trustworthy and exciting casino.

We play a LOT of casino games online, about one hour per day. Between the two of us, we worked out that we played over 1,000 hours of online casino games last year alone. We realise that is probably not a lot of time compared to some other types of online games, like World of Warcraft players who play for 11 hours a day. But when you are wagering your own money, you have to stay sharp, play for fun and remember to quit while you're ahead.

We have played at many online casinos and are always willing to try new ones. Some casinos even find us and give us money at their casino to try it out. Sure, that can be exciting and a good way to try new games and software, but when we are looking for new sites, the only real way to trust an online casino is to pay and play yourself.

We like to have an unbiased view, so regardless of any incentive we want to wager our own money to get a true perspective on each online casino. When a new casino comes online, we need to know we can trust them. We might put a couple hundred dollars in, play a bit, win a bit, lose a bit, withdraw, make another deposit. The only real way to know if a casino is fun and can be trusted is to play or to spend time researching or reading other people's opinions. We have definately formed our opinion and have a list of preferred casinos, and these are the only ones we will recommend to you.

How do we choose our casinos?

We have played at lots of online casinos. We have deposited money in over 230 (at last count) different casino websites. As part of our online play, we often leave a balance in the casino account to see what kind of marketing material we receive. For example, some casinos will send you emails to remind you about your balance, this is helpful and also provides another element of trust. I get a bad feeling for the ones that want you to forget you have money in there. But for most players who play regularly, they won't forget their balance.

The most important factor for us when choosing an online casino is trust. Will they pay out if I win a slots jackpot, are their support team knowledgable, competent and able to help with any issues, are deposits smooth, are withdrawals quick? All of these questions and answers make up the most part of our trust factor with any online casino.

Don't you just play at casinos that are the most fun?

Yes and no. One of my favorite new casinos had a really fast blackjack game. The cards dealt quick, the pace of the action was fantastic. After playing there for a few months I thought it would be my new place to play blackjack. But several concerns started forming in casino forums around the internet, people were experiencing slow payouts, no communication from email support etc. We pulled our money from the casino and I think it took another month or two and then they disappeared. This can happen. The casinos we recommend have been around for a while, some for 10 years. While the software might not be the sharpest, I'd prefer a slower game and play 5 less blackjack hands per hour than lose my money to an unfortunate bad business operator.

Most of the casinos we recommend on our site we have in some way or another a trustworthy relationship with. We have either spoken to on the phone on multiple occasions, met the operators, support or marketing staff in at conferences, and more often than not, we're on 'first name basis' with owners and operators. Not everyone has to go to this level to trust a casino, after all we could be considered "high rollers" and often deposit, withdraw and wager large amounts of money, so we demand a certain level of service. But for the average player, having recommendations to such casinos from player's like ourselves, you should rest-assured that we trust these operators, and you can too.

If you have any questions, concerns or comments about our site or any casino website, please feel free to contact us.


James and Jessica

PS. Remember gambling is meant to be fun, never gamble with more time or money than you can afford. If you think you have a gambling problem, contact a gamblers anonymous establishment in your area.