Super 21 Blackjack

Online Super 21 Blackjack Games

Online Super 21 Blackjack

Super 21 (also know as Super Fun 21) is a new version of Blackjack that offers players a twisted gaming experience, as well as a huge number of payout opportunities. Even veterans of Blackjack will need to learn a few of the basics before they jump into a game of Super 21, so keep reading for tips on how to play and strategies involved to help you make a profit at online casinos.

How to Play Super 21

Because a hand of Super 21 plays out the same as any standard Blackjack game, I will simply explain the different payouts and rules between the two, beginning with the payout system. There are several new ways to win in Super 21, and players should familiarize themselves with this table so they know what sort of winning hands can now be made.

Hand Payout
Diamond Blackjack 2:1 (initial 2 cards only)
Blackjack Even money (initial 2 cards only)
5-card 21 2:1 (if hand has not been Doubled)
6-card 21 2:1 (if hand has not been Doubled)
6-card 20 or less (instant win) Even money (if hand has not been Doubled)
Other winning hands Even money
Tied hand with dealer Push

Super 21 Splitting has changed slightly from standard Blackjack as well. Players are allowed to re-split up to four hands, including Aces. Additionally, players can hit and double down to split Aces.

Doubling is allowed on any number of cards, whether it be on the initial two cards, after a Hit, or even after a Split. Another difference is that players are given the opportunity to Surrender or Stand after every new card, not just after Doubling.

Surrender is available at any time before the player Busts. If they feel that their hand is not sufficient enough to win, a Surrender can be made and the wager will be halved, with both the player and house receiving an equal portion.

Unlike most Blackjack games, Super 21 is played with a single deck of cards. This gives the player a much better edge each hand, especially considering that the dealer must still stand on soft 17.

Once you have learnt these basic rules you should have no trouble jumping into an online casino room and winning big at Super 21. But if you would like to know more about the intricacies of the game, including the different types of strategies that could help you walk away with a profit, keep reading because there are plenty of handy tips and strategy cards available for your convenience.

Super 21 Strategy

The strategy for Super 21 is specific, but can become quite complex to those unfamiliar with Blackjack. The most common resource is a strategy card, and in the case of Super 21 you will require four of them. Each strategy card is related to hands containing 2, 3, 4, or 5 cards, and can be used as a guide to help you through every possible situation.

The following four strategy cards can all be used in conjunction during every hand of Super 21. Online casinos offer you the convenience of playing at home, and with a sound strategy guide by your side you should find yourself making a tidy profit every time you visit the tables.

Super 21 Strategy Cards

Super 21 Strategy Cards

Example Super 21 Blackjack Hand

The following is an example of a Vegas Strip Blackjack hand where the player splits two different hands.

Player's Hand(s) Dealer's Hand
9 9♠ = 18
The player splits their pair of 9s.
10♠ = 10
9 4 = 13 | 9♠ A♣ = 20
The player doubles on first hand and stands on the second hand of 20.
10♠ = 10
9 4 8 ♣ = 21 | 9♠ A♣ = 20
The player stands on the first hand and dealer reveals face down card.
10♠ K♣ = 20
9 4 8 ♣ = 21 | 9♠ A♣ = 20
Dealer stands on 20, so the player wins the first hand with 21 and the second hand is a "push".
10♠ K♣ = 20