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Bonus Offers

When you first sign up to an online casino there are usually lucrative incentives to entice you to starting depositing. It is often best to shop around at different sites to see what the competition is offering, and then make your decision knowing exactly what you are going to receive every time you make a deposit.

Listed below are the specific types of deposits most online casinos will offer bonuses on:

First Deposit Bonus

The first deposit is quite often the most lucrative. Online casinos will offer large cash backs on initial deposits in order to sign up new customers. Depending on which casino you decide to play at, the bonuses will differ.

Whatever the offer, the best advice we can give would be to shop around and find the most suitable bonus for yourself. Quite often casinos will offer the same double up deal, but will also cap the initial deposit limit at a lower amount than others. It all depends on how much you wish to spend on your first deposit and what types of games the casinos offer.

Re-deposit Bonus

Redeposit, or reload, bonuses function in much the same way as first deposit bonuses. However, because the initial deposit is a one-off and reload bonuses are quite common the bonus price is often greatly reduced.

Most online casinos will offer either a reduced percentage of the deposit, or a reduced limit on the deposit, or sometimes even both. At one particular casino we found the first deposit bonus was a staggering 111% up to $1100, however when reloading, the deposit had plunged to only 20% up to $150.

A more common redeposit option available is dependent upon how much you choose to deposit. For example, some casinos will offer reload bonuses on a sliding scale: 50% reload bonus on deposits between $20 and $149; 75% reload bonus between $150 and $299; and a 100% bonus on redeposits over $300. There will quite often be a minimum cash deposit required each time to receive the bonus.

Other reload bonuses will be 100% or more of your deposits, but only for a certain number of deposits or limited time. Once again, it’s best to check out all the different bonuses on offer before signing yourself up to a particular casino. Most online casinos will allow you to play for free anyway so that’s a great way of figuring out whether that casino is the right one for you.

Special Game Deposit Bonus

Special deposits are often related to particular casino games for a specific time length. For example, Cherry Red Casino offers both Blackjack and Slots special bonuses.

The Blackjack special bonus offers a generous 200% match bonus of up to $1200, which can be paid using any type of electronic depositing system.

The Slots bonus is even more rewarding, offering a 400% special bonus up to $2400. All special bonuses can only be taken advantage of after a first deposit has been made.

There are plenty of other special deposits that different online casinos will offer as well. Some casinos provide weekly and weekend bonuses, some of which include a 150% bonus of up to $750 to play Slots or Keno on a weekend. The majority of these special bonuses will require a redemption code to be used, which can be accessed using the online cashier service in the casino.

Non-Monetary Bonuses

Online casinos will sometimes offer bonuses simply for entering and competing in in-house tournaments. While these are often cash bonuses, there are also non-monetary bonuses offered to players.

The more expensive online casinos have been known to offer extravagant prizes for winning tournaments such as holidays or cold hard cash. Some sites also offer entertainment packages rather than cash or extra chips.

But for simply signing up, most casinos will offer you an incentive to continue playing online. The best example of this is Go Casino’s current non-monetary bonus of a free slot tournament entry. Everyone who signs up to Go Casino and makes a first deposit entry – which is 100% up to $1000 – also receives access to 4 of their upcoming slot tournaments.

So find yourself the perfect online casino by shopping around and deciding on the best bonuses available. There are plenty of new promotions on offer each week with special non-monetary bonuses popping up every once in a while as well.