Online Craps Games

Online Craps

Craps is incredibly simple for a game that has been part of casinos in one form or another for hundreds of years. Players simply bet on the outcome of the roll of two dice, with payouts depending on the odds of each outcome that can be bet on. Playing craps at a live venue is made frustratingly complex due to the traditions and security protocols that have arisen around the game, which is one of the reasons why online craps has taken off in the past few years.

Playing Craps

Live casinos have to be tremendously watchful to make sure that their craps games remain fair to all involved. Great lengths are taken to minimize the risks of controlled rolls, loaded dice and the theft of chips. Online casinos do not need to go to such lengths, as they simply rely on random number generators that are inspected to ensure that they are generating results that are as near to random as computer programs can allow.

Craps is certainly one of the more popular online casino game types, but it strangely is not a uniform feature amongst online casinos. While blackjack and roulette are essentially standard, craps does not seem to be held in the same esteem by online casinos. This means that players must take care to ensure that the online casinos they join actually feature craps.

Placing bets on craps is much easier at online casinos than it is at live venues. In online casinos, you simply need to line up the value of chips you wish to place a bet with and then click on the appropriate bet type. At live venues, it can be possible to miss out on bets and rolls due to the number of other players and difficulty in getting the attention of the stickman. Online casinos leave placing bets in the hands of the player, and can play as quickly or as slowly as the player likes.

Craps is an exciting game that is made even better with the advantages of online craps play. One of the fastest kinds of online casino game, online craps offers constant gaming action in the comfort of your own home.