5 Card Stud

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Online 5 Card Stud Poker

5-Card Stud is the oldest form of stud poker, emerging during the American Civil War period. Even though its counterpart, 7-Card Stud, has become a more prominent game, 5-Card is still available to be played in many online casinos. The best news is that if you have already been introduced to the 7-Card version, you should have no trouble picking it up.

How to play 5 Card Stud

A lot of the basic elements of 5 Card Stud are similar to other poker games. For example, the ante, buy-in, and betting limits are all the same as in 7 Card Stud poker. Since most people are more familiar with Seven Stud than Five Stud, we will move on to the more rudimentary elements of the game.

To begin, players are each dealt two cards, the first face down (“the pocket”) and the second face up (the “open”), in a clockwise direction. Once players have their two cards, a rule known as the “bring-in” may be brought into play. If this is invoked, the player with the lowest face up card must pay a “bring-in” fee. A bring-in fee is common in most online casinos, however if the rule is not enforced, then the player with the highest face up card will begin the first round of betting. At this stage players may “check”, “bet” or “raise”.

Once the first round of betting is complete, players receive their third card face up, and “Third Street” betting begins. 5-Card Stud betting typically follows the same format as 7 Card Stud, and “Third Street” allows only low limit bets.

“Fourth Street” begins after round two of betting, and players are dealt their fourth card, also face up; betting changes at this point from low limit to high limit.

The final card is dealt at “Fifth Street”, and high limit betting continues. The Showdown occurs after this final round of betting is complete. All remaining players must reveal their cards in a clockwise direction. After all cards have been revealed, the high hand winner collects the entire pot, unless of course there is a split pot, in which case all players with the highest hands receive an equal fraction of the winnings.

The majority of online casinos will deal the fifth card facing up, however, you may find that in some circumstances it is dealt as a pocket card. The problem with the fifth card being dealt face up card is that it makes a Showdown a very rare event. Since four of your five cards are face up, there is often no doubt as to what opponents are holding. This takes a lot of the bluffing element that 5-draw poker and Texas Hold ’em rely so heavily upon out of the equation.

Five Card Stud History

The American Civil War is widely regarded as the birthplace of the stud poker game. 5 Card was the earliest form of stud poker, but popularity for it began to wane after it was left out of the 1975 World Series of Poker (WSOP). There are countless variations on the 5 Card Stud game, but it has been overwhelmed by the popularity of 7 Card Stud in modern gaming.