7 Card Stud Hi

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Online 7 Card Stud Hi Poker

7 Card Stud Hi is regarded as the most popular stud game, and is often referred to simply as 7 Stud. Although not a community-card-based game, its only derivative is 7 Card Stud Hi Lo, a game that shares a lot of similarities to the Hi-Lo version of Omaha.

How to play 7 Card Stud

Similar to many poker games, the buy-in, ante, and limit bets in Seven Card Stud Hi are all static values. The game can be played with at least two players and a maximum of eight. The game begins on “Third Street” with each player being dealt two face down (“pocket”) cards and one face up (“open”). At this point, if the “bring-in” rule is invoked, the player with the lowest hand must pay the fee before betting begins. If “bring-in” is not used, then the player with the highest card starts the betting.

After the betting has concluded for the round, Fourth Street begins and all players receive their fourth card face up. Betting continues, until all players have “called” the highest bet, or “folded”.

Fifth and Sixth Streets continue in exactly the same fashion as Fourth Street, with each card being dealt face up to players before another round of betting begins.

Seventh Street begins similarly, however the seventh card is dealt face down, giving each player three face down and four face up cards. In comparison to 5 Card Stud, where players are only given one face down card, 7 Card Stud High allows for a much more mysterious game where players can use their bets to bluff to a greater extent. After the cards have been dealt, one final round of betting will be played before the Showdown. At the Showdown, remaining players will attempt to make a winning hand using five of their seven cards.

7 Stud is very much a game of bluffing and positive betting; because of this, having two or more players reach the Showdown is not always a common occurrence. It is also important to know that if you decide to play a home game of 7 Card Stud and your group contains eight players, there is a possibility that you will run out of cards if everyone continues to the Showdown (eight players with seven cards each will equal 56 cards, where a standard deck contains 52 cards). Though this is not often the case, it does occur, so limiting your games to seven players is often wise.

7 Card Stud Hi is one of the most popular online casino games, so there are plenty of gaming rooms available for you to join. It is an extremely enjoyable game, and you can always try your hand at 7 Card Stud Hi Lo if you feel you have mastered the standard 7 Stud High.