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Online 7 Card Stud Poker

7 Card Stud poker is a variation on the traditional 5-card stud game. In the past thirty years 7 Card has overcome 5-card as the most popular form of stud. It is considered to be the most preferred variation of poker behind Texas Hold ’em. Online casinos offer 7 Card Stud more frequently than 5-card, and you can start playing the game in a poker room today.

How to play 7 Card Stud

There are two very different versions of Seven Card Stud that are available to be played in online casinos. Players should understand the differences between the two before jumping into a gaming room.

The most popular form of stud poker is known as 7 Card Stud, or sometimes 7 Card Stud Hi. In this game, a high winning hand is the only way to win each round. The game is very similar to 5 Card Stud poker, however, rather than five cards, each player is dealt seven cards over the course of the round. Additionally, players have three face down and four face up cards, rather than one face down and four face up. The addition of two extra face down cards has increased players’ abilities to bluff, as well as providing them with a larger hand in which to create their best 5-Card hand at the “Showdown”.

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7 Card Stud Hi-Lo ends up being quite a different game to standard 7-Stud. Those already knowledgeable in Omaha Hi-Lo shouldn’t have much of a problem picking up the basics of 7-Stud Hi-Lo, as the intricacies of the two are fundamentally the same. Like Omaha Hi-Lo, the pot is split each round allowing for both a high hand, and low-hand winner. Hi-Lo games are often known as “8 or better”. This means that if a 5-card hand is to qualify as a low hand winner, it must only using cards of 8 or lower. If any card is higher than 8, the player cannot qualify to win the low hand.

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Seven Card Stud History

7 Card Stud was formed from the traditional stud poker that emerged during the American Civil War. 5-card was the only form of stud played when it first began appearing throughout the United States. Despite it gaining some notoriety, 5-draw poker was the preferred game; that was until 7 Card Stud appeared, seemingly out of nowhere. The game is still extremely popular today, and can be played at most online casinos.