Caribbean Stud Poker

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Online Caribbean Stud Poker

Caribbean Stud Poker is a game quite similar to the original five-card stud poker. It is an extremely popular game and can be played at online casinos today. Many people prefer Caribbean Stud to regular poker because there are no other players involved; it is simply a game between yourself and the dealer. In that respect, it is does not give players a chance to “beat” the game, or to bluff; however, it does offer progressive jackpots for those wanting to win big.

How to play Caribbean Stud

The game begins when the player makes an ante bet and, if they wish, a progressive side bet. The side bet will allow players the opportunity to win progressive jackpots depending on the value of their hand. Once the ante has been paid, the player and the dealer both receive five cards. All of the player’s cards will be face down, however one dealer card will be left face up.

The player only has one decision to make next: whether to fold or raise. If they choose to fold, they will lose their cards, ante, and progressive side bet. If instead they decide to raise, they must add the same ante wager to their initial ante bet.

After all final bets have been made both player and dealer will turn over their cards. For the dealer to have a chance of winning, their hand must first qualify. Online casinos stipulate that the lowest qualifying hand must be Ace, King, and any three others. If the dealer is holding Ace, Queen, Jack, 10, 9, they will lose the round and the player will receive their raise back, as well as even money on the ante bet. If the dealer loses the round, the player receives even money on the ante, as well as a pay out on the raise (which will be paid out in accordance with each online casino’s pay table). In the event of a tie, the ante and raise will push.

Online casinos will usually pay out progressive side bets in the same way that raises are paid, however, players must have a Flush or better to receive it.

Caribbean Stud Strategy

While Caribbean Stud Poker is not a difficult game to understand, its strategy often can be. Rather than concerning yourself with win-probabilities and house edge percentages, it is recommended that you simply do two things:

  1. Raise on any hand that contains at least one pair.
  2. Fold on any hand that is lower than the standard for dealer qualification. (i.e. Ace, King, and any other three cards)

Caribbean Stud History

The game originated, as the name suggests, from the Caribbean Islands. It began appearing on cruise ships that travelled through the islands before becoming a popular game in the United States. Caribbean Stud was not enticing enough to gamblers early on because of its relatively long odds, but once the progressive jackpot was added its popularity began to soar.

That’s all you need to know to start playing the Caribbean Stud Poker! Fans of Stud will enjoy the fact that only one player faces off against the dealer, therefore making it a quick game with no waiting times. Add to that the chance to win extra money on the progressive side pot and you have a very enjoyable poker game. Because of its popularity, almost all online casinos offer Caribbean Stud Poker, so you can start playing right now.