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Online Three Card Poker

Three Card Poker (also known as Tri Card Poker) is a variation on standard poker that can be played at online casinos today. It is quite an old card game that incorporates two games into one, thereby offering you a greater return on the strength of your hand. 3 Card Poker has gained immense popularity recently, and is best played at online casinos where you faceoff against the dealer.

How to play Three Card Poker

Despite the fact that there are two pots to be won each round, Three Card Poker is quite a straightforward and easy-to-pick-up game. The two pots are known as “Three Card Ante/Raise”, and “Pair Plus”. Three Card Ante is simply the player against the dealer, where the highest winning poker hand wins, whereas Pair Plus is paid out for hands with a minimum of one pair or better.

The game is played with a standard 52-card deck on a modified poker table. Rather than simply one betting circle, 3 Card Poker boasts three: Ante, Pair Plus, and Raise. Initial bets take place before cards are dealt, and players can bet solely on the minimum Ante, or on both the Ante and Pair Plus circles. Since both pots are played separately, players can bet different amounts. For example, if the player bets $2 on the Ante, but wishes to take a risk that they will win with a high hand of one pair or more, they can bet $5 on the Pair Plus.

After the first round of betting is completed, the dealer will give players three cards each, all face down. Since players will receive no more cards, they have a much better idea of whether they can win the round or not. The majority of hands will be won with a single high card, and because of this it is often difficult to tell whether to raise or fold. If a player folds, they must sacrifice their Ante as well as their Pair Plus bet, if they made one.

If a player does not wish to fold, they must automatically raise their bet and play the rest of the round out. At the completion of betting, all hands are turned over to reveal the winner. Some casinos vary on how Three Card Poker payouts occur, but most online casinos offer the same, standard payout. Initially, the dealer must “qualify” to win the hand. To qualify, they must have a hand of at least Queen high; if not, the Ante is paid out even money and the Pair Plus bet is returned to the player. If the dealer does qualify, then the Ante/Raise pot is paid out to the highest hand winner. The player will win the Pair Plus pot if they qualify with at least a one pair hand, otherwise the dealer will collect it. Any higher hands will be paid out according to predetermined casino odds.

Winning hands in Three Card Poker are the same as standard poker games, but it should be known that high card hands are often the winners at a 74% frequency rate. Therefore, players should not be afraid to raise their bets on a face card or Ace. Common strategy for the game dictates that hands of Queen-6-4 or better should be played; a lower hand than that will often lose unless the dealer fails to qualify. The winning 3 Card Poker hands are, in ascending order, as follows: High Card, Pair, Flush, Straight, Three of a Kind, Straight Flush.

Three Card Poker History

The history of Three Card Poker dates back over three centuries. It is a deviation on the British poker game, Brag, and began appearing in the United States as Brit-Brag and Casino Brag. Over the years it has been known by other names such as Post-and-Pair, and Primero, but has now come to be known simply as 3 Card or Tri Card Poker. Players who are familiar with Brag will have no trouble picking up the American version of the game.

If you are keen to try your hand at Three Card Poker, there are many online casinos that offer the game. There are massive payouts for those savvy enough to play the game well, especially with two pots available to be won every hand.