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Many slots, particularly 5 reel slots, offer bonus or feature games. Simply put, these are bonuses that you can activate when you spin up special symbols or symbol combinations. Their primary purpose is to help the player win more money. There are two different types of bonus games: on the reels games and off the reel games.

About Bonus Slot Games

On the reel bonus slot games take place like the name suggests, on the reels. They usually come in the form of scatters and offer such bonus prizes as free spins, multipliers and even cash. Spinning three or more of a specific icon in a pay line usually activates these games. Since there are so many different themes and slot games, each one will have their own icon that activates this feature. Check out the pay table for a list of icons and what they do. Here are the most common on the reel games you will find in online slots:

  • Free Spins are... free spins. This might seem like a simple bonus, but these free spins can pay off big time. You will be rewarded with a set number of free spins in which prizes can be doubled or even tripled, depending on the game.
  • Cascades are a feature that removes certain icons in winning pay lines and replaces them with new ones while holding the icons across the rest of the board. These help you create more winning combinations.
  • Hold n’ Spin is a reel based feature that holds certain reels while re-spinning others. This gives you another chance at spinning winning combinations or more bonuses.
  • Wild features are special icons that will substitute for all other icons on the board (excluding scatters). These increase your chances of getting a winning combination. Also, in some games, having this icon in a winning combo will double or triple your prize.
  • Symbol Slide is a feature that allows a certain symbol to ‘slide’ across or down the reels. Again, these will increase your chance of a winning combination on your pay lines.

Off the reel games are little bit more sophisticated. They are activated if you spin three or more of a specific icon. A new window will be opened that allows you to take part in a mini game. These mini games are modeled after the overall theme of the game and feature impressive graphics, sound effects and videos. There are a few different types of these bonus games such as:

  • Wheel of Fortune or Wheel of Wealth was first featured in the Wheel of Fortune slot game. Since, it has been adapted to suit all different types of games. It is a bonus game in which you spin a wheel full of prizes. Whatever prize the wheel stops on is what you win.
  • Pick a Box is a very common style of bonus game. In fact, most slots feature this type. A new screen pops up in which you are instructed to pick from a few different icons to reveal your prize.
  • Multi Level Pick a Box is a Pick a Box game with multiple levels. If you pick a box with a prize in it, you are taken to the next level and so on until you reach the last level.
  • Pick until Pop, also known as Pick until Collect, is similar to Pick a Box style games. You get to choose from icons to reveal a prize, but mixed amongst the prizes are ‘pooper’ or ‘booby’ icons that will end the game.

How to Play Bonus Slots Games

Bonus games are very easy to play. They are activated by specific icons that are unique to each game. For example, if you are playing Jackpot Piñatas at Go Casino, a bonus game will be triggered if you spin three dog piñatas anywhere on the board.

As mentioned, there are a few different kinds of bonus features. If you happen to be playing a game that offers on the reel games, these will usually play out on their own once they are activated. If you are playing a game that offers off the reels games, a new window will pop up with simple instructions to tell you how to play.

These games are very simple but a lot of fun. They offer an extra element of excitement to slots games and are a major contributor to the reason why so many people love playing slots.

Featured Slot: The Reel Deal

The Reel Deal slot free spins at Go Casino

The Reel Deal is a 5 reel video slot available at Go Casino and Super Slots. The theme of the slot is a game show, similar to Deal or No Deal, and has symbols of money, gold briefcases, gold bars, million dollar cheques and contestants. What makes The Reel Deal an exciting slot to play is that it offers players not one but two bonus features; free spins and an off reels bonus game.

If you spin up 3 buzzer scatter symbols anywhere on the screen you will receive 15 free spins in addition to a generous payout.

The Reel Deal slot bonus game at Super Slots

To activate the bonus game you need to spin up 3 golden briefcases in an active payline. The bonus game is a version of Deal or No Deal, a popular TV game show. There are 26 numbered briefcases each containing a different amount of money. You choose a numbered briefcase for yourself which is not opened then you open others from the remaining briefcases to hopefully knock out the smaller amounts of money. After a certain number of briefcases have been opened you will be given a bank offer based on what money is left. You can choose to take the offer or keep playing. If you open all of the briefcases you will win what was in the briefcase that you chose.